If you haven’t yet decided whether to enter the IMTJ Awards, and want to understand the potential benefits of winning, hear what some of our previous Award winners had to say on their success:

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

  • Winner: Health and Medical Tourism Destination of the Year 2015,  2016, 2017
  • Winner: Health and Medical Tourism Cluster of the Year 2017
  • Highly commended: Medical Travel Agency of the Year 2016

Malaysia member hospitals:

  • Winner: International Hospital, Sunway Medical Centre
  • Highly Commended: International Hospital, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
  • Winner: International Dental Clinic, Imperial Dental Specialist Centre
  • Winner: International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
  • Winner: International Fertility Clinic, TMC Fertility Centre
  • Highly Commended: Best Quality Initiative, Imperial Dental Specialist Centre
  • Winner: Best Marketing Initiative, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
  • Highly Commended: Excellence in Customer Service, Imperial Dental Specialist Centre

The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council and its member hospitals in Malaysia are ecstatic for continuously winning several of the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) Awards from 2014 right up to year 2017. Undoubtedly winning the prestigious IMTJ Awards has been an incredibly rewarding experience as it has given a strong testament to Malaysia Healthcare and it has helped strengthen Malaysia as a leading medical tourism destination within this region and globally.

Malaysia was once referred as the “hidden jewel in healthcare travel”. Today, the country has gained extensive recognition from several independent parties worldwide for its healthcare travel offerings. Being conferred with international awards such as the IMTJ had provided us the avenue to further maximise our award receipts and strengthen our industry standing in our quest to position the country as the preferred healthcare travel destination.


Above all, winning the prestigious IMTJ’s “Medical Travel Destination of the Year” Award for 2 consecutive years in a row is indeed a pleasant surprise and it inspires us to consistently improve our quality standards and strive harder to fulfill our promise of delivering top quality healthcare for our patients’ peace of mind. We are thrilled to have won the award overall knowing that we were competing against entries from some of the top medical tourism offering countries worldwide.

Furthermore, being assessed by a panel of expert, well reputed and experienced international independent judges besides being arbitrated against many other top medical tourism offering countries certainly upsurges the level of credibility for the winning country.

Mohd Najib Tun Razak @NajibRazak Prime Minister of Malaysia tweets about Malaysia's win

Mohd Najib Tun Razak @NajibRazak, Prime Minister of Malaysia tweets about Malaysia’s win

We have had the honour to share the Awards in our promotional materials and it has certainly given us additional recognition and mileage, receiving both national and international coverage from the media in print, broadcast and social media channels. We are continually encouraged through this experience to better ourselves and our services, as we value deeply the satisfaction and comfort of our visitors. We would like to thank IMTJ for the confidence they have placed in us through these Awards, and we look forward to the year ahead.

Shobena Singam
Head – Public Relations and Communication
Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council


  • Winner: Medical Travel Agency of the Year 2016
  • Winner: Best Medical Travel Web Site 2016

Winning the Best Medical Travel Agency and Best Medical Travel Web Site Awards has led to an increase in our reputation, and serves as proof of our high standards in company values, the strategy and approach that Caremondo follows and the world-class service that we are delivering to our patients. Along with certifications like Temos, the IMTJ Awards signal our high-quality product and service to patients.


We have used the Awards assets on our web site and via social media, in press releases, for recruiting purposes and for team motivation.

Veronika Leitermann
Founder & Managing Director

HCA Healthcare

  • Winner: International Cancer Centre of the Year 2016
  • Winner: Specialist International Patient Centre 2015
  • Winner: Specialist International Patient Centre 2014

We have advertised winning the Awards on HCA’s international website and individual hospitals’ websites. Both awards (2015 Rehab & 2016 Oncology Services Awards)have also been included in the general hospitals publications such as Practice Matters, Harley Street News, the Rehabilitation Services Annual Report etc.

Khadija Mouhajar accepts the Cancer Centre of the Year award from Keith Pollard Chief Editor of IMTJ

Khadija Mouhajar accepts the Cancer Centre of the Year award from Keith Pollard Chief Editor of IMTJ

On winning the award Khadija said
“I’m overwhelmed and proud to part of the HCA group who have won this award, this demonstrates the hard work that has been put into making all levels of cancer care more accessible to the international community.”On hearing of the win, Mike Neeb, CEO of HCAHealthcare UK said
“From research to cutting edge treatment right though to aftercare, HCA Healthcare UK is proud of the care we give to our patients across our network of hospitals and facilities.”
“This award recognises our high level of care and expertise in cancer treatment and demonstrates why so many people from the UK and around the world choose HCA.”

Information of the Awards were sent to all the UK-based Health Offices and Overseas Treatment Boards, highlighting the fact of the International Medical Travel Awards including ongoing investment in the hospitals.

Troy Coldrick
Head of UK & International Relations
HCA Healthcare

IMED Hospitales

  • Winner: Best Use of Technology in Medical Tourism 2016
  • Winner: International Dialysis Centre of the Year 2017

We were able to promote in local press and social media that we had won the Award which also helped us to highlight the technology we had, of which many were unaware… the award helped give our company more prestige, and of course we can list the Award on our media.

Yolanda Pickett Fernandez
Commercial Director
IMED Hospitales