Morgan Darwin

CEO, A&K Global Health, USA

Morgan DarwinMorgan Darwin is CEO of A&K Global Health, a Fortress portfolio company founded in 2011 and specializing in trans-national healthcare management. He joined the company in April 2012 as Chief Operating Officer and advanced to Chief Executive Officer in October 2013. He has led the growth and development of A&K Global Health as they move to become the premiere, global manager of end-to-end healthcare and provider of medical concierge services.

Prior to joining A&K Global Health, Morgan co-founded AFS Global, a company that assists commercial entities as they assess, initiate and execute opportunities in emerging markets. Additionally, Morgan founded and led Sophia Speira – Orsalus, a human-performance company developing education methodologies, primarily in support of U.S. government research initiatives, and cloud-based management platforms to improve outcomes in complex systems. He currently serves as a director of Sophia Speira – Orsalus. Morgan is a 22-year veteran of the U.S. military, and has spent much of his adult life working in Africa, Asia and Europe on infrastructure development projects.
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